This Florist is Helen Louise Whipp.
This Florist started as a London art student, a west-country rural girl that found herself living in the lively streets of east London.  Blessed with a habit of curious wandering, Helen stumbled into many a good bookshop, delicious cafes and bustling street markets. But soon Helen, who was yet to become This Florist, found herself strolling the length of columbia road flower market: each and every Sunday. The joy of a long days stroll, seeking beautiful spaces and skipping home with a handful of pretty stems, was unquestionable. Soon, Helen's strolls became a curious venture into an exciting and elaborate industry, embellishing city treasures with beautiful bouquets.
This Florist combines her love of home-street travelling, unique independent venues and bunches of fresh flowers,  into an offering of experience and shared moments, held in the stems and buds and blooms, colours and scent of a This Florist Bouquet.